This Is What a Laser From the Moon Looks Like

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NASAs newest moon orbiter is beam data to Earth via a powerful laser beam to test an innovative interplanetary communications systems that doesn't rely on radio waves, and a new photo reveals just what a moon laser signal looks like in infrared. The recent image released by the European Space Agency shows a laser signal from the LADEE moon probe received by the agencies as seen by its ground station on the island of Tenerife, Spain, off the west coast of Africa. The LADEE probe beamed the laser signal across 248,548 miles 400,000 kilometers to reach Earth from its position in lunar orbit. LADEE is the name is short for Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer and pronounced "laddie" is an 844-pound 383 kilograms spacecraft that launched from NASAs Goddard Space Flight Centers Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia on Sept. 7 and arrived in orbit around the moon last month. Read More at Yahoo News.

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