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Tue Jan 1 - Thomas Horan - Zodiac Killer Hoax

Could the Zodiac killer himself, vividly conjured up in a series of letters to San Francisco Bay Area newspapers, really be an invention of an enterprising journalist keen to keep a sensational case on the front pages? Or the warped game of a hoaxer? Thomas Horan will discuss the evidence and credible argument that questions the very existence of the Zodiac killer!

www.thestonesunturned.com zodiackillerhoax1986.freeforums.net TWITTER: @ZodiacHoax BIO: Thomas Henry Horan is an English professor, award-winning author, and former private and insurance investigator in Saint Louis, Missouri. Exhibits:
5- D.B.Cooper Zodiac Comparisons from caller Randy
6-Group Pic from caller Randy

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