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Thousands of Sinkholes Open at Edge of Dead Sea

You'll find shells on the shores of many bodies of water; on the banks of the Dead Sea, you'll find sinkholes, and more than 3,000 of them at that. Their existence isn't new—ABC News reports the first one opened up three decades ago, and a 2005 Smithsonian article tallied more than 1,000—but their number and pace are grabbing notice. An environmental expert puts it plainly: We're to blame. "These sinkholes are a direct result of the inappropriate mismanagement of water resources in the region," says Gidon Bromberg, a director with EcoPeace Middle East. And they're causing real problems. Haaretz in late January reported that sinkholes have crept up to Route 90, the road adjacent to the Dead Sea, causing part of the road to sink and triggering a temporary closure that a local official framed as devastating for tourism in the region. "You might as well just wipe it off the map." More via Newser.

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