Three-Fingered Mummy Updates From Rome Mummy Conference

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If you want the latest news on the controversial three-fingered Peruvian possibly-alien mummies allegedly found in the Nazca desert, the place to go would be … Rome? Good guess. With the disgust that the Peruvian government, public and antiquities experts seem to have towards the “project” which is slowly and pay-as-you-go-ly (it’s a new word coined especially for this project) revealing its “discoveries,” and the lack of mainstream media coverage outside of, UFO Today has stepped up with on-location coverage of a mummy conference held in Rome on October 1, 2017, featuring one of the “experts” from the three-fingered mummy “project.” Paulo Paganelli was UFO Today’s reporter at the Evento Mondiale A Roma Le Incredibili Mummie Deserto Di Nazca (World Event In Rome: The Incredible Mummies Desert Of Nazca) in Rome and he sent in detailed coverage of the presentation by Konstantin Korotkov, a professor at St. Petersburg Polytechnic in Russia and the designated scholarly expert on the project. The first portion of Korotkov’s presentation, according to Paganelli, covered details already released in the videos from or in subsequent interviews. He emphasized that analyses of the chemical composition of the bones in the largest of the mummies showed consistency throughout – which he said is an indication that the body was not assembled from other bodies or bones. He also reiterated the recent news that the first DNA analysis was done by five independent labs in the U.S., Russia and Mexico and showed that the DNA was very close, but not identical, to human. Finally, he restated his opinion that CT scans show the mummies were once living non-human beings that did not suffer from mutilations (like skull elongation) or genetic defects. Korotkov also talked about one big non-human discovery – the objects that look like eggs in one of the females. He claimed that he’s negotiating with the “owner” of the mummies to allow him to biopsy one of the eggs. As always with these mummies, it seems strange that the “owners” – whoever they are – are so restrictive with even their own so-called team members.

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