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Three Time Traveler Testimonies Show Up in Same Week

When future historians write future history books, will they look back on the week of January 21st as a period when they sent people back to warn us and we ignored them? If the stories about these ‘time travelers’ are true, what was it about that week that caused two humans from our time claim to show evidence of traveling to the years 3780 and 6000, and one woman from 2100 claim to come from that year as part of her job as a government time traveler? Or did they? Paging Dr. Who. The alleged government time traveler and one of the to-the-future-and-back videos were posted by ApexTV, which claims to be “one of the biggest voices of paranormal on YouTube!” (their exclamation point) and “is know (their misspelling) for their various paranormal videos covering topics such as aliens, teleportation, time travel, ufos, and much much more!” (their exclamation point again – this better be exciting). The faces of the time travelers (including the third) are pixilated for various reasons. By far the most interesting story is Mona’s. In her video (see it here), she claims she works for the U.S. government in 2100 (well, that’s good news – it didn’t get shut down permanently) as an unpaid (so the government is open but it still has no money?) time traveler who has also visited 1950 and 1980. However, she says time travelers have their own underground community where they take care of each other with many “free things” (government freebies still around in 2100?). “Mona” reveals that Europe in 2100 will be more advanced than the U.S. – having flying cars while Americans are still on the ground in electric cars powered by roadside solar panels. The president is a male (sigh) who brings world peace but isn’t the best person (sigh again). Life isn’t all fun and games for Mona and her fellow time travelers – she says it’s stressful and many commit suicide (doesn’t “The Groundhog Day” phenomenon eliminate this?).

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