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Fri July 20 - Tim Dennis - Introducing the newest team member

Tim Dennis is one of 2 new fill in hosts that will be joining the show and tonight we discuss his past, thoughts on the paranormal in a candid conversation where Tim opens up about his emotional journey as a skeptical believer. Tim is the co-creator, co-host and producer of the long running Darkness Radio Presents: BEYOND the DARKNESS & True Crime Tuesday radio programs. Tim grew up in Minnesota and has had a lifetime filled with strange and anomalous experiences which he looks at through a healthy skepticism. Tim has been in radio since 1988 where he met Dave Schrader and the two began a friendship that has continued for 30 years. Twitter: @DRTimDennis www.darknessradio.com www.PodcastOne.com/beyond-the-darkness www.Patreon.com/truecrimetuesday

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