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Wed Jan 23 - Tim Swartz - Gef the Talking Mongoose

Tim R. Swartz is one of today’s leading investigators of the strange and unknown. Tonight he will explore a bizzare creature and then take you into the world of Time-Slips and explain how some people have accidentally caught glimpses of the past and even the future.

www.conspiracyjournal.com INSTAGRAM: trswartz BIO: Tim R. Swartz is an Indiana native and Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer, and is the author of a number of popular books including The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla, America's Strange and Supernatural History, Time Travel: Fact Not Fiction!, Admiral Byrd's Secret Journey Beyond the Poles. His latest books is Gef The Talking Mongoose: The “Eighth Wonder of the World.” As a photojournalist, Tim Swartz has traveled extensively and investigated paranormal phenomena and other unusual mysteries from such diverse locations as the Great Pyramid in Egypt to the Great Wall in China. He has worked with television networks both in the U.S. and internationally. He has also appeared on the History Channels programs "Ancient Aliens"; "Evidence"; "Ancient Aliens: Declassified"; and the History Channel Latin America series "Contacto Extraterrestre." Reference:
1- Irving Household
2 Gef, the Mongoose

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