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I want to update you on what has been changing and staying the same here at Dark Matter.

In order to free up my time to concentrate on Midnight in the Desert (MITD) and Other Side of MIdnight (OSOM) production and membership site/website maintenance, I decided to stop producing the LIVE versions of the shows that ran before MITD. These shows have successfully been transitioned to a pre-recorded playback here on Dark Matter Digital Network (DMDN). So most of your favorite shows are still here just on a different day of the week.

DMDN will still broadcast programming 24/7, with an approximately 6-8 hour schedule of new shows everyday repeating over night and the next morning. MITD and OSOM will still be broadcast LIVE and for FREE on the Internet stream, but are not repeated since they are part of our membership subscription service, which frankly pays the costs for the entire DMDN operation, payroll, out-sourced services, bandwidth, satellite time, licenses, etc.

Midnight in the Desert with Heather Wade is playing to a significant sized audience and looks to be able to continue for some time into the future. Art is behind the scenes guiding the show, so his influence is certainly felt. No word on progress in the investigation of the threats on Art and his family, so we need to let some time pass.

Other Side of Midnight with Richard C Hoagland continues following MITD and with minor adjustments to things behind the scenes, will be producing a great variety of shows to come.

Please continue to support the efforts of Heather and Richard through your subscription memberships to the Time Travelers and Club 19.5.

Only a few shows have unfortunately decided to leave DMDN for various reasons:

Howard Hughes' The Unexplained decided to go a different route. His pre-recorded show was simply played here on Mondays, and nothing was going to change that. He never was LIVE, so there was no problem with us continuing to carry his show. So I'm sad to see him leave. Howard had been approached months ago, to do a LIVE 5-day a week program to be aired right before Art. Unfortunately, circumstances made that unable to happen. It's too bad, because Howard would have been the one to sit in for Art, had he already been doing a LIVE show here on DMDN. We really liked Howard's show, style and broadcast professionalism.

Michael Vara's Late Night in Midlands' exit was a surprising burning of the bridge. Michael was also approached a few months ago, to join us on DMDN LIVE each night. He was already doing a 5-day a week show, so it was easy for him. We shared some statistics (old by now), and he was very willing to instantly drop his show from his own LMN network and come here. He stated he wasn't making any real money doing what he was doing. I offered him the time slot and we would set up a subscription service for his archived shows also. I only had one condition, that he not trash other DMDN hosts. It's not very professional to do that as you can imagine. There was only one guest that Michael regularly had on his show that continued to disparage Richard Hoagland any time he could. While it's OK to disagree on opinions and make those known, it is not appropriate to personally attack and berate another host at any opportunity. So Michael decided it was in his best interest to continue to allow this guest to attack RCH on his show instead of coming here. So we discontinued the discussions. I had no hard feelings, just sad that he couldn't make one adjustment to his show. He kept supplying me with a best of show to play on Saturdays and it got good ratings here on DMDN.

Then one Saturday after Art had to step away, without warning, Michael supplied a show that appeared to be a normal interview show. Then in the last 10 minutes of the show, he had to "blow up" and rant about the past negotiations we had. He spewed disgust towards me, Art and RCH, making claims that were untrue, claiming that RCH ran the network, which is ignorant. He obviously was very offended that we had one simple condition to his adoption here, and wanted to expand on his reasons for turning us down. He had kept this all to himself for weeks and weeks, saying nothing to me and continuing to take advantage of us by providing a show to play here. Why he choose this time to rail on us when it would have been the perfect time to re-visit the viability of him coming to DMDN once again. I think it's a matter of jealousy and ignorance on his part. It also seems he is continuing to publicly post hateful rants and expose confidential information passed to him. The information he is posting is seriously in error, so I would caution anyone to not believe a word he says. It just sounds like sour grapes now.

Again, I'm shocked as to why he would choose to go off the rails on us like that, when he was on the top of my list to discuss possible LIVE shows on DMDN once again. Literally the definition of burning a bridge.

Paranormal Central with Jeffrey Gonzales and Allen Thomas has decided to leave our network also. They pretty much did a video show and it was tricky to pull off a radio version of it. I'm sure we brought many new listeners to them and they became much more known to the genre because of being here. They were just really excited to be part of the Art Bell phenomenon, so I'm not surprised he decided to leave once Art did. I wish them good luck in their endeavors, I have no hard feelings, I really liked those guys.

Dr J has decided to continue his show elsewhere. (That'll be another story for another time.)

So that's it, I have a few more shows to try out, and already have started the Military X-Files on Wednesdays and brought back Real Ghost Stories daily. So you will hear some new ones, along with the usual great shows.

-- Keith Rowland

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