Time Traveler Blames 9/11 on Another Time Traveler

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Another time traveller from, I think it was 2038, he came back, his name was Titor. He came back to 2000, I do believe, and he thankfully stopped a civil war in America which was supposed to kick off in 2008… It was decided that America needed a single unifying event to bring the country together and to revert a civil war – and that event was 9/11… He did change the timeline so the civil war in 2008 didn’t happen.” Of all the 9/11 conspiracy theories on all the websites in all the world, this one takes the cake … so far. A man who claims to be a time traveler from 2070 comes back to 2018 to tell the world that a previous time traveler changed history by coming back in 2000 and causing the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Why didn’t he go back to 2000 and stop him? Where’s Doctor Who when you need … her? This story comes from the current keeper of all things time travelish – the ApexTV YouTube channel. That’s where you can find this new video of a man who says his name is Michael Philips, but hides his face and voice, bringing news from the future along with that story of how another time traveler allegedly caused 9/11 to stop a civil war seven years later … he didn’t care about all of the other problems it caused?

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