'Time Traveler' to Run for President and Reveal the Technology

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Is it too early to announce plans to run for president in 2020 (unless you’re the incumbent)? If the candidate claimed to be a time traveler, would you be worried that he already knows what’s going to happen between now and then and is positioning himself to save (or take over) the country? That alleged time traveler is Andrew Basiago and he not only is running for president (again) but has promised to reveal details about the government’s alleged Project Pegasus, which he claims developed a time machine during the Cold War that he himself rode in back to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and the Ford Theater the night of his assassination … and he has a photograph to prove it. Shouldn’t he go back and get some compromising photographs of his opponent? Unfortunately, Basiago no longer has access to the time machine. Perhaps that’s why his campaign platform includes exposing Project Pegasus for what he says it was – a successful project that required a huge amount of taxpayer money but gave no return because the government decided it was too dangerous and shut it down. Now THAT’S how to develop a conspiracy theory without resorting to pizza. No pizza but nonetheless plenty of politicians. Basiago claims that the CIA used the time machine to identify future presidential candidates and prepare them for their future occupation. He says those candidates included both Bushes, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Surprisingly, for someone running himself, he doesn’t mention whether the CIA visited him as a child. That may be because he himself was a child when he traveled in time while his father worked for Project Pegasus. Basiago says that, in addition to visiting the times of Lincoln (and bumping into himself on a different trip), he traveled back a million years, visited the future (2045) and went to Mars (teleported, not time traveled) where he saw living beings. Read More: Mysterious Universe

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