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'Time traveller from 2030' claims to have MET HIMSELF from '40 years in the future'

Noah Novak claims to be from the year 2030 and said that the man sitting next to him is actually himself from the year 2070 In the strange video, Noah Novak claims some of the information that 'proves' they are the same person is 'classified' to make sure the government doesn't get to him. So although he cannot go into explicit detail he said his future self - from the year 2070 - could reveal details of their lives as proof that they are the same person. "I believe that he is me from the future," Noah from 2030 said in the video interview with Apex TV. Although the two people look and sound very dissimilar 40 years is a long time over which to change your appearance, height, personality and voice, Noah might say.

See Video: Mirror Online

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