‘Tin Foil’ Amendment Backlash

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He probably should have seen this one coming. The Missouri lawmaker who added $8 to the state’s proposed budget for tin foil hats for Common Core opponents got a little something in return. A photo posted online showed Republican state Rep. Mike Lair’s chamber desk completely wrapped in tin foil. Lair’s colleague, state Rep. Bryan Spencer R, posted the picture on Facebook with the caption: “Guess desk this is…..Mike Lair. Lair, who chairs Missouri’s House education funding committee, put an amendment into the state’s proposed budget to spend $8 for “two rolls of high density aluminum to create headgear designed to deflect drone and/or black helicopter mind reading and control technology.” Spencer confirmed on Facebook that Lair was pranked.“Someone did it to him. It’s real,” Spencer wrote. “I didn’t do it but I appreciate the effort.” via TheBlaze.com.

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