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Wed May 15 (Hour 2-3) - Tom Ogden - Haunted Cemeteries and Twisted Trails

Tom Ogden will be back to take us on a journey thru creepy crypts, spine-tingling spirits, and midnight mayhem.

www.tomogden.com Tom Ogden is one of America’s leading paranormal experts and authors on ghosts and the Spirit World. He considers himself a researcher and a “paranormal journalist.” In preparation for his books, he listens to first-person accounts, compares to historical claims, and then subjects them all to rigorous examination. Tom is also a member of the Paranormal Investigation Committee of the Society of American Magicians. His forty years as a professional magician has given him a unique perspective into paranormal phenomena and what is (and isn’t) possible by trickery. Currently, Tom resides in haunted Hollywood, California. Exhibits:

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