Wed April 11 - Tom Sanger - Pleiades UFO Sighting

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Thomas Sanger was born in 1950 in Virginia, his family moved to Southern California in the late 1950’s, and he eventually traveled to the Northwest, ending up in Seattle. He was never a career person so he worked different jobs with his real love being backpacking in the mountains of Washington State. Tom Sanger's extraterrestrial experiences began in 1988 in Seattle, which led to ET oriented adventures in the North Cascades wilderness. In 1991 he moved to the Flagstaff and Sedona, AZ area where his experiences continued. He began working with Experiencers through regression work, as well as working with a certified professional therapist in order to uncover his own past ET encounters. Scratch handicap golf was his major interest outside of work, and day hikes in the desert near his home continue to this day. The ET phenomenon has worked it's way through his life since 1988, and Tom Sanger continues to pursue this calling by arranging annual group events in Oregon at Mt. Hood and in Washington at Mt. Baker.

Exhibits for Tonight's Show:

1) 1989 Mt Hood Experience 2) Parking Lot At Mt Hood 3) Pleiades UFOs Sept 2015 4) Sabino Canyon, Az UFO Event (You Tube) 5) Moving Flasher Sabino Canyon (You Tube) 6) UFO over Mt. Adams (You Tube) 7) Electric Parking Lot

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