Tombstone Hearse Ghost

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In 2007 my wife and I while on tour of the Birdcage Saloon in Tombstone Az. snapped this picture of the original Hearse used to carry bodies to Boot Hill. It is on display in the rear of the the Birdcage Saloon. If you saw the movie "Tombstone" with Val Kilmer you will remember the scene where they were in a Saloon-Theatre as they drank, shot up the place and watched a stage show, this is the original building which of course is still there. It is called the most haunted place in Arizona. There were 26 murders inside this Saloon and at least one man who was killed was shot through the eye. This gentlemen I believe is missing his left eye. In a computer program you can zoom in to see that his right eye is actually baby blue We snapped approx 60 pictures randomly. I used an old Exlim 3.1 digital camera to take the shots. Upon download to the computer I first thought that the face was my own reflection in the Hearse window, but upon closer examination it was not. The Hearse is in a small room in the rear and at the time we took the picture we were the only two present. I have come to the conclusion that since these digital cameras "see" into the infra-red spectrum, this is where many of your ghost AND your UFO's tend to be "hiding", this explains the great number of UFO's found on snapshots when digitals are use, UFO's and spirits that aren't seen by the human eye when the picture is taken........... I sent the picture to HAPIA which is a paranormal investigation organization in Canada and they spent the night analyzing the picture, below is their description. E-mail from HAPIA: "I noticed the eye. But the strange thing about the negative is that part of it shows flesh too. And even though there is a 'collar' of the shirt, there is no shirt - you can see the panelling through. I stayed up until 3am playing with the photo - and I can at least confirm you didn't send in a hoax, but trying to confirm exactly what you caught is stumping me. If it was a reflection of someone, you would see the shirt as well, and when pictures are sent to me that are hoaxes, usually our program will pick it up from enhancing and the making the photo a negative, which wasn't the case with yours. There are no definite outlines, and its too perfect. Well if you look at the negative image I sent back to you - the rim of the shirt is where it should be - but no shirt - so anyone who would say its a reflection is not looking at it correctly. The distorted eye is interesting, but what interests me is the way the face is in the picture. It looks like most of it is right on or behind the foremost glass, but then another part behind the pipe. Thats what is making it a bit confusing. I cannot believe the detailing in the lips, the nose and the one visible eye. I have never seen a picture that is flesh toned as well." I also sent the picture to DR. BRUCE MACABEE, the famous Optical Physicist who I believe has been on Arts shows in the past. Surprisingly, Dr. Macabee took a look at the photo and wrote me the below response. "Thanks for the message and photo I would have to have more information on what the various items in the photo are before analyzing the face. It is obviously a flash photo. I would say that the flash is to the a little to the right (when looking through the lens toward the scene) and above the camera lens. That makes shadows of objects appear slightly to the left of the objects (when object A is closer to the camera than object B and Object A is silhouetted against object B, then A casts a shadow on B; a small portion of that shadow is visible at the left side of the image of object A when the flash is to the right of the lens). Surprisingly, the face seems lit from the left. Don't know what the rectangular band is... some metallic trimming that runs around the hearse? A picture such as this could be created under certain conditions as an intentional hoax. Don't know how it could be created "naturally" Dr. Bruce Macabee

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