Tue Mar 6 - Tony Kosinec - Kabbalah Revealed

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As a Columbia Records recording artist, Tony Kosinec, toured the US throughout the 70's, and he is now a writer and soundtrack composer by profession. Tony has studied and taught Kabbalah for the past 20 years under his teacher Rav Michael Laitman, (rav means great or master) and along with the Kabbalists of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education organization based in Israel with study centers world-wide. Hundreds of thousands have been sparked by Tony's web video series, Perceiving Reality and Kabbalah Revealed series, which covers the fundamentals of the Wisdom and can be seen on cable TV and the web. Tony Kosinec is a senior instructor at Kab U, Bnei Baruch's English Language online University. www.kabbalah.info/lp/lifemeaning www.kabbalah.info/lp/spiritual2/

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