Tour bus accidentally drives into Area 51

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Imagine what happens when someone trespasses into the safest security perimeter in the world and getting busted. That is the ordeal a few tourists had to go through when their tour guide accidently drove into a restricted site of in Area 51. A few moments into the drive, they were tailed by a security truck and were ordered to get off the van immediately. The van that trespassed into the perimeter belonged to Adventure Photo Tours, a company based in Nevada. This happened when the driver of the van, Dennis Ryan got distracted due to a question asked by a passenger regarding sports. He was so engrossed in answering the question that, he missed the sign that warned to watch out for the boundary. Within a minute or two from then on, they were pulled down by the security truck that followed them within no time. The driver realized it and before even stopping the van, he apologized to the passengers saying that they were being followed by “men in black”. This incident came to light when the reporter George Knapp reported it first on KLAS TV’s program, 8 News Now. Knapp has a history related to Area 51 as he covered the story of an apparent whistleblower who worked at the highly secret and covert base. It stated that the man worked in the reverse engineering process of alien technology back in 1989. With such reports grabbing the interest of viewers, thousands of visitors were attracted to this base over a short span of time. Donna Tyron, the co-owner of Adventure Photo Tours told KLAS, “Some of the tourists are just curious. They don’t know what it’s about. Others believe they have been abducted. Other people believe they are aliens and they want to go back out there to hopefully get back home. We get all kinds of people.” She also added that the tours they conduct around Area 51 consist of a lot of stops. But, their customers are keen to see spots where “Keep out!” warnings are posted. Also, the drivers from her company warn the passengers in advance about the signs and also clearly mention that if the passengers cross the lines marked by Area 51 authorities, they would be on their own and the drivers are not responsible for the consequences. via Latest UFO Sightings.

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