Tricking Those Uncooperative Spirits

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I’ve previously written on breaking out of the box and approaching paranormal investigations from a different angle. It’s those little things we try that may very well improve results when gathering evidence of the realm of spiritual entities. And that satisfaction from knowing we may have pulled the wool over the eyes of cantankerous spirits who refuse to cooperate. Time for a little “trickery….” Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is a standard tool for paranormal investigators hoping to capture voices of the dear departed on audio recorders. The standard operating procedure—as endorsed and taught on the ghost-shows—seems to dictate announcing verbally just what you are doing and where. An example would be—“This is Steve and Tango, placing a recorder in the kitchen of the Smith Mansion. Would you approach the red light and speak with us tonight?” Sometimes this gets results, but there will become a time when it will not. Let’s reason this out: Read more via

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