Trump Administration Is Launching a Weather and Climate Satellite

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One of the first new satellites launched in the Trump era will provide invaluable insight into climate change, though it is being touted primarily for its ability to predict weather. The Joint Polar Satellite System-1 will serve multiple functions, even as it has been described by the Trump administration as an important tool to help prepare for future storms. The satellite will also provide data essential to understanding how climate change is transforming the planet. That includes its monitoring of Arctic sea ice, one of the most dramatic indicators of a warming planet, as well as the ozone hole over Antarctica. The Trump administration has been quieter about those functions. In a release announcing the launch, scheduled for Nov. 10 in California, there was no mention of climate change. Instead, the satellite was touted for its weather monitoring in the wake of this season's destructive hurricanes. It can also track floods, drought and other extreme events.

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