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Trump Proposes Privatizing Space Station, Funding Deep Space Research

Based on documents released from the White House, President Trump wants to privatize U.S. operations on the International Space Station (ISS). According to the plans, NASA would stop funding the space station by 2025. Specifically, the Trump Administration is proposing to use $150 million of federal funds to begin the Commercial LEO (Low-Earth Orbit) Development program, which would attempt to develop commercial developments, which could later take over operations. The move to privatize U.S. space station interests comes as President Trump launches plans to explore deep space, as well as send people back to the moon and possibly to Mars. In the President’s current budget proposal, Trump requested $10 billion for space exploration and to establish U.S. dominance on the moon; the funds would reportedly be part of a $19.9 billion NASA overhaul. According to reports, Trump plans to change the direction of NASA without offering additional funds for new programs, aside from the new program to attract private investments.

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