Truth is out there but it's being hidden, UFO expert says

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YOU'RE driving down a long road at night, towing a boat on the back with your father beside you. Then a big, bright blue light appears just over the car to the right-hand side. It just sort of blinks on. You notice it immediately; turn to your father for assurance that you aren't imagining it. He turns around and looks. He can see it too but, unlike you, he wants to drive faster and get away. The orb follows the car for a few minutes before it shoots off into the distance. You do not speak because neither you nor he can explain what it is you have seen. But for you, this is just the beginning of a series of paranormal encounters that make you begin to question your sanity. This is the true story of Giles Campbell. A former geneticist acclaimed within his field and working at CSIRO, science had provided every answer he had searched for in life - until he began having regular encounters with aliens, when empirical evidence would no longer suffice. Depression encumbered him as his isolation grew. After all, who do you talk to about alien encounters without having them doubt your sanity? Agnes Water resident Mary Rodwell is the answer. She is a ufologist, hypnotherapist, leading researcher, consultant and the founder and principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network. "This is what I've learnt. We actually all have the ability to perceive a broader spectrum of reality, but not all of us own it, because we are told unless it is solid, unless you can touch it and feel it, it's not real," she said. "There are lots of things you can't touch and feel that are real. You can't say what shape love is, or what it is." Much more via Tweed Daily News.

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