Try To Solve The Tricky Alien Extinction Riddle

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The alien extinction riddle presented by Presh Talwalkar is for those up for a real challenge. This puzzle has supposedly been presented in technical job interviews. The problem goes as follows: One alien lands on Earth all by itself. Every day after that landing, each alien on Earth undergoes some sort of transformation, which could be any of these four equally likely events: (a) the alien dies, (b) the alien does nothing, (c) the alien replicates itself (2 aliens total), or (d) the alien replicates itself twice (3 aliens total). With bad luck, the alien species might die out quickly. But with better luck, the aliens could survive indefinitely. What is the probability the alien race eventually goes extinct? Scroll down to read the correct answer, or watch the video below to learn how this one is solved.

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