Tue Sep 8 - Debbie Anderson

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Debbie Anderson is a Witch working in the Blue Star Tradition of Witchcraft. She has attained the Third Degree and is High Priestess of Keepers of the Rede Coven. Debbie was born and raised on Maui, Hawai’i and moved to the Washington DC area as a teenager. In the 1960s, along with so many others who were searching for life’s meaning, she was drawn to Witchcraft. In the 60s, Debbie was a political activist as well as a spiritual seeker.

In 1991, Debbie met Fred Buck, the founder and creative genius behind MagiCrafts Jewelers, the company that supplied hand woven pentacles and other metaphysical jewelry to the huge Neo-Pagan community. It was Fred who introduced Debbie to Blue Star Witchcraft, Neo-Paganism in the United States, and the many forms and shapes that Witchcraft took. Fred also introduced her to Art Bell, and they would fall asleep at night listening to his program.

The Pagan festival circuit attracted practitioners of all persuasions, and Debbie learned a great deal about the magical practices of those disparate groups and incorporated many different magical applications into her own practice. In the 24 years since Debbie has embraced the more formal Craft structure, pursuing not only the spiritual part of the Wiccan path, but also the practical, applied aspects of magic working and spell crafting. Debbie is a former officer of Covenant of the Goddess, an officer and member of the Louis Goaziou Lodge of Co-Freemasonry, Le Droit Humain, and a criminal defense attorney practicing in Washington DC.

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