TV Show Reveals Why Cats Hate Each Other

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The TV show Horizon’s big revelation is that when cats appear to misbehave for their own superior amusement, they’re actually stressed. If they’re darting around and sniffing things, urinating where they’re not supposed to and generally behaving erratically, it’s almost always because something in their environment has changed and their sense of security has been compromised. The source of stress that most encompasses all of these feelings is the presence of other cats, and the rapidly escalating problem of feline overpopulation is making things worse for the misunderstood fluffball who just wants to be alone. “The thing that really stuck out for me was the sheer number of cats that exist in urban areas,” says Dr Sarah Ellis, a leading expert on feline behaviour who concentrated her efforts on a built-up area of central Brighton for the programme. “The density is unbelievable and the fact that so many of the cats living there cope so well is nothing short of remarkable.” Basically, cats hate each other; and they don’t even care about us that much More via Telegraph.

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