TV Station Ghost

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Hello. I'd like to submit my ghost photo.

I work at a television station in San Francisco, & for years now there's been reports from employees of seeing a ghost. The cleaning crew, who are all Filipino who barely speak english, claim to occasionally unlock a door & enter a room to see what they call the "white lady".

There had been a number of sighting on the 4th floor of the 4 story building. An engineer who works late nights claimed to have seen "her", as well as the stations head of accounting, who said during the middle of the day she saw a woman walk through a wall in her office.

This photo was taken on the 4th floor where sightings had been reported. The photo was one of a series that were taken where we have the racks, all the equipment that drives the station.

Photos were taken to the left & right down a hallway of racks & nothing was seen at the time. This image was found while reviewing the photos.

Thank you,

John Hands
San Anselmo, CA

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