Did these two brothers finally solve a more than 200 year old mystery?

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Rick first heard about the treasure on Oak Island after reading an article in Reader’s Digest.The article talked about the treasure that was reportedly hid on somewhere on the island in an unknown location. It discussed the people who had attempted to find the treasure and failed. The article was very fascinating to Rick and since then he has been obsessed with the idea of finding the treasure. But would he be able to solve the mystery? Rick the explorer Rick had always been a curious child so it was not unusual that he would become mesmerized with the idea of finding a hidden treasure. Rick had previously been on a search for treasure at a young age. While Rick was walking around his childhood town of Kingsford, he discovered a giant granite stone and wanted to know if there was something beneath it. He got all of his friends and Marty to help him lift the rock but unfortunately there was nothing underneath. Digging underground So where does the mystery of Oak Island come from? The story starts in 1796 when a boy living on the island noticed that there was a circular shaped indentation on the island. This observation caused a company called Onslow to further investigate in 1804. Explorers started digging and made a massive hole in the ground when they found something unusual. They found a piece of stone with an interesting inscription that needed to be translated.

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