Thu Apr 11 (Hour 3) - Ty Gowen - Paranormal Wisdom of Antiquity

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Ty Gowen may have started as the technical expert for the paranormal investigation web series "Haunt ME," but he's learned over the years that the answers lie not in the electronics of today, but in the metaphysical truths of yore. Ty has studied magic, Elder Runes and alchemy as a way to gain better insight into the paranormal world that intermingles with ours. TWITTER: @unrefined_Ty From the Independent Series award winning show Haunt ME, Ty has become adept at interpreting and utilizing the metaphysical techniques used by his teammates, preferring to corroborate this type of evidence with traditional technical tools. While proficient in technology, Ty is quickly gaining experience in the world of magic as he actively studies and provides readings with Elder Runes. Most importantly, Ty is a Pokemon master.

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