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Tue Mar 21 - Ty Gowen and Carol Cleveland - Haunt ME

Website: www.haunt-me.com Ty Gowen grew up in Southern Maine and is now a lead ghost investigator and technical analyst on the show Haunt ME. Ty is always finding new scientific gear to master and utilize in the investigations. His specialty is audio equipment and finding and isolating EVPs, or electric voice phenomena. Ty did not stumble across becoming a lead investigator of a ghost hunting show. It came about from a curiosity of his, ever since he was young. As years passed and Ty finished up college at the University of New England with a major in English and Art, he decided he wanted to fill his extra time learning more about ghost hunting. He contacted a ghost hunting group in Maine and he joined their crew. Ty acquired a greater understanding of the spirit world and that is where he met his good friend Carol Cleveland, who is also a part of Haunt ME. Carol Cleveland is the Haunt ME's Manesologist, giving her a wide breadth of knowledge within the paranormal field and the most tenure of anyone on the team. Experiencing the weird and the bizarre for most of her life, Carol's first passion was learning all there was to know about Ufology. After graduating high school she began ghost hunting with her mother and adding spirit seeking to her paranormal portfolio. Before Haunt ME Carol met Ty Gowen and together they explored famous haunts along the east coast, including The Bridgewater Triangle, Fort Mifflin, and Waverly Hills. Carol joined Haunt ME in 2011 and has been on the case ever since. Beyond the show, Carol frequents Ufology conferences, practices reiki, and spends timing raising her 4 year old daughter, Leila.

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