UFO and paranormal radio returns on Sirius XM

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Sirius XM satellite radio has just announced that they will become the new exclusive home of Art Bell’s new UFO and paranormal radio show Dark Matter beginning in the fall of 2013. “Sirius XM is the perfect fit for me and my new show Art Bell’s Dark Matter,” said Bell. “Though invisible, dark matter accounts for gravitational forces observed in the universe—expect these forces to be at work in the uncensored, unrestricted creative arena of satellite radio, a medium with truly extraterrestrial reach.” Many paranormal enthusiasts know Bell to be an icon of late night radio. Bell started broadcasting a paranormal centered show in the late 90s, which eventually turned into the wildly popular Coast to Coast AM, which can still be heard every night. According to the Sirius XM press release, from 1993-2000 Bell was one of the top five most listened to talk shows on the air. They estimate he had around 15 million listeners on the over 500 radio stations that aired Coast to Coast AM. Read More at Openminds.tv.

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