UFO files reveal dog abductions, helicopter chases and spaceship wreckages across Wales

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A man says he and two friends looked on “gobsmacked” as their car, dog and tent were abducted by aliens from a fleet of 12 to 15 alien space crafts. The claims come amid the bizarre extraterrestrial tales revealed in newly released UFO documents by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Included in the 25 files, which contain 4,400 pages of reports received between 2007 and 2009, are reports of alien abductions, air chases between police and flying saucers and spaceship wreckages in North Wales. In one handwritten letter and diagram, a man from Cardiff claims that on October 1992, he and two friends were left “gobsmacked” after witnessing the abduction of their car, dog and tent. And in June 2008, a South Wales Police helicopter crew reportedly chased a UFO that had nearly collided with them. via Wales Online.

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