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The UFO Partisan: The Science Behind The Pentagon UFO Study

Dr. Garry Nolan is a Professor of Microbiology & Immunology at Stanford University as well as being a member of the advisory board for the To The Stars Academy, a private sector follow up to the 2007-2012 Pentagon UFO study involving many of the same people including Luis Elizondo, who headed up the Pentagon study and acts as Director of Global Security & Special Programs for TTS. Over the last several days, Dr. Nolan has been nice enough to answer several questions regarding what we might look for going forward regarding the scientific research taking place as part of that follow up. The following material, while presented in a standard interview format, was compiled from a series of private messages and open conversations at my UFO Facebook group. Obviously, more questions will come up as time goes on and this article will be updated accordingly. Q: Can you give us a little background on the nature of the recovered materials mentioned in the New York Times story? DR. NOLAN: These are not your grandma's alloys.....

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