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UFOs And Other Cool Sky Stuff

The sky is enormous and filled with mysterious and interesting things. We can observe the various wonders of the sky with the aid of telescopes, binoculars or with the unaided eye.A recent news item about a UFO symposium turned my attention to another phenomenon that might exist up in the air. Or, not. Apparently a good number of people spend a great deal of time reading about and “investigating” unidentified flying objects. At least at one time, “UFO” was the second-most searched three-letter word on the Internet. I am not sure this is time well-spent. Even the UFOers admit that 95 percent of sightings are traceable to natural or manmade phenomena. If doctors or auto mechanics could make the correct diagnosis that often they would be happy as clams. Not understanding 5 percent of sightings does not mean they are ET: It just means we don’t know what they were. This “excluded middle” (“if not known as real they must be ET”) is an example of violating the rules of Baloney Detection as laid out by Carl Sagan in his book “The Demon Haunted World.” Read More via David Reneke | Space and Astronomy News.

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