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Are UFO's interrupting your radio and TV?

HOUSTON - In countless paranormal shows including The X-Files, whenever a UFO is about to get you -- hovering over your car or house -- the first symptom is that the radio goes haywire and stations you were once receiving, start to fuzz-out in a static melee. Then, various other automotive and home electronics start flashing in and out, before total failure preceding the inevitable light shaft. Culturally, we've been primed to be creeped out whenever any of these symptoms show. Many of us driving around town had hairs raised on the back of the neck as it was discovered normally clear FM radio stations on the lower end (87FM to 93FM) and the higher end (104FM-108FM) were suddenly tough to tune-in. Some TV viewers using an antenna had trouble pulling in a reliable signal from normally strong stations. This effect seemed to happen most between about 1am and 5am. It was no fault of your TV or radio -- or the transmitters -- and it likely wasn't aliens. It was an observed and measurable phenomena called, "temperature inversion." Normally it's hotter at the ground that in the sky. Many times however, on clear nights, the ground cools faster than the air high above. This creates an inverted temperature profile, where it's actually warmer above the ground then at the surface.

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