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UFOs spotted speeding past rescue helicopter

Bizarre footage shows two “UFOs” speeding past a helicopter before hovering over a crash site where survivors were being rescued. The silver disc-shaped objects were captured on video flying behind the military chopper by a local news crew off the southwestern coast of France. The startling footage from February 2014 has only just come to light after it was featured in a new book. The UFOs and helicopter were seen when 12 people were rescued from a cargo ship, named the Luno, after it hit a seawall in Anglet, breaking into two pieces. The ship was carrying fertilizer when its engine failed in the choppy Atlantic Ocean. The UFOs flew in formation close to the chopper as if keeping watch on the rescue operation. Jason Gleave, 46, who has studied the film of the UFOs, believes the objects are not drones or seagulls.

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