Underwater Ghost Hands

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Hello Art,

My name is Justin Chernipeski, I'm from Alberta, Canada. The attatched photo was taken in 2012 by my stepfather who was on vacation with my mother in Hawaii. He was snorkeling at the time and was using a submersible point and shoot camera. I have no idea which part of Hawaii he was in because when i asked him, he couldn't even remember. I guess they went snorkeling at numerous locations.

He was very excited to show me the photo and was very suprised when he loaded up the memory card on the computer. He swears there was nobody in front of him at the time. Of course there just happens to be a huge bubble covering half of the frame, keeping the photo a mystery and I'm not ruling out the fact that it could just be a person, however something about the hands looks unnatural. They almost look dead. Try to enhance the photo. Maybe you have other conclusions.

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