"Unearthing Nazca": A Common Sense Approach to Analyzing The Three Fingered Mummy from Peru

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Excerpt from The Black Vault: I think for the sake of this field of study, one must truly look critically at a story, and dissect all the angles before labeling it a hoax. Unlike Snopes, we can’t just label it a hoax simply because evidence has never supported the existence of alien life in the past, like they state on their page: However, no evidence has ever definitively proved the existence of alien life, and countless “alien” discoveries have later been shown to be hoaxes or to have far more mundane explanations. That’s an unfair statement to make, since Snopes themselves acknowledge that Gaia only posed the question of an alien, but never labeled it as such. So, let’s take a look at the red flags (in my book) about this story, that will (hopefully) one day be address by Gaia, Jaime Maussan or by any of those involved in this research project. They are listed here in no particular order.

Read FULL Report Here: The Black Vault Case Files

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