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US Navy plane swoops on Russia spy ship spotted 27 miles off US coast

A US military aircraft was deployed to fly over a Russian spy ship sailing just 27 miles off the coast of Virginia in the US, flight monitors show. The P-8A Poseidon was launched from Naval Air Station Jacksonville to track the Russian ship, the Viktor Leonov, just 24 nautical miles (27 miles) off the coast of Nolfolk, in southeastern Virginia, according to military flight trackers. The Navy tracked the Russian intelligence-gathering vessel, part of Russia’s Northern Fleet, off the coast of Virginia on Wednesday, US military officials have confirmed. Flight monitoring data shows the P-8A, a state-of-the-art anti-submarine plane, circling at an altitude of 3,350ft just off the coast of Virginia Beach. The Boeing US Navy plane flew out towards the Atlantic Ocean before turning back in the direction of Virginia Beach and flying over the same position, flight monitors show. The Russian ship, which recently completed a port visit to Trinidad and Tobago, is being tailed by the destroyer USS Cole along the east coast of the US, an anonymous US official told The Virginian Pilot. Steffan Watkins, an nautical intelligence analyst, claims the Viktor Leonov was "sitting just outside US territorial waters" near Nolfolk, where the P-8A has been spotted. He wrote on Twitter: "I have a medium to high degree of confidence that the Russian Navy AGI Viktor Leonov is currently sitting outside Norfolk, just outside US territorial waters, ~24NM+ from Virginia Beach. Don't forget to wave!"

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