Watch over 100 satellites deploy at the same time for India's space mission

India's space agency now holds the record for launching 104 satellites into orbit at the same time, while using only one rocket. As businesses continue to experiment with the Internet of Things, interesting use cases are emerging. Here are some of the most common ways IoT is deployed in the enterprise. The majority of the smaller satellites, called "Doves" by the owners Planet Labs, weighed only 10 pounds each. After reaching a height of over 500km, the satellites separated from the launcher at different times, angles, and speeds to avoid crashing into each other. A satellite was deployed once every few seconds at speeds reaching 17,000 miles an hour. The last record holder was Russia, which managed to deploy 37 satellites at the same time. However, India's feat has eclipsed this record -- and was achieved for only $73 million due to partnerships and low labor costs. India partnered with six other countries for the launch. The majority of the satellites were US-owned, although the publication notes three were sourced from India and others came from Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Kazakhstan.

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