Watch humanoid Boston Dynamics robot do box jumps and back flips

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Boston Dynamics has released footage of a humanoid robot that can do box jumps and back flips. This is a significant improvement on robot capabilities – despite what years of sci fi movies have suggested, it’s actually really hard to make a bipedal robot walk, climb stairs and just generally keep its balance. That’s why some of the entrants in recent humanoid robot Grand Challenges have looked less human and more like a cross between an orang-utan and a wolf spider. The new video suggests that for Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot, some of these problems have been solved. Last year, Atlas demonstrated that it can already go for a nice hike in the woods, and now it looks like it’s ready for the gym too. The timing of this video may have been a bit too on point, given that this week, the UN met to discuss how worried the world should be about killer robots.

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