We Found the Loch Ness Monster!

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There in the distance! A massive long-necked beast slowly emerged from the black depths of Loch Ness. Could it be the legendary monster called Nessie? Loch Ness is a big, cold, deep, and very murky lake in the heart of the Scottish Highlands that holds a secret. For years locals and tourists have reported witnessing a large unidentified creature with a long neck swimming through the water. The earliest report dates back to the 7th century… They’ve affectionately named the creature Nessie. The Loch Ness Monster has been an international sensation ever since 1933, when George Spicer and his wife were driving along the loch heading home to London. On the way, the couple almost ran into a huge, black long-necked creature making its way across the road and into the water. A Monster in Loch Ness? Loch Ness is a whopping 22 miles long and 800 feet deep. In fact the loch holds more water than all other lakes in England, Scotland and Wales combined. So it’s pretty massive. It’s also full of peat, a kind of decaying vegetation common in the highlands of Scotland. This means the water is incredibly murky with low visibility. Could a pre-historic animal still be living in the loch? Read More at Expert Vagabond.

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