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Weeping Woman Ghost

Hello my name is Bob Penny. I am a paranormal investigator from West Michigan. The name of my paranormal investigation team is the Michigan Nightstalkers (www.minspi.org) The photo that I have enclosed is that of an apparition of a woman that appears to be holding something in her arms. Her head is tilted and it appears as if she is wearing a hood. Some people think that she may be holding a child and it also looks like she is standing behind a cradle or bassinet. This photo was captured at a local West Michigan cemetery a few years ago and it was captured by one of my team members. We have tried to disprove this photo and search for a possible explanation, but we cannot come up with one. I hope that you find it as astounding as we do.. Thank you! Art, it is wonderful to have you back! You are an inspiration!

Bob Penny

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