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Weird Cases of Whole Towns That Vanished Without a Trace

There have long been mysterious disappearances and inexplicable vanishings throughout history, with numerous questions floating about the answers to which are not always apparent. Yet in addition to the various individuals who have stepped off the face of the earth are those cases when large numbers of people have apparently simply vanished into thin air. It is a subject which I have covered here at Mysterious Universe before, and which never ceases to inspire speculation and wonder. Among these various mysterious accounts of not only certain people who have disappeared into nothingness, but whole towns that seem to have melted away into the ether, never to be heard from again. An early and very bizarre account of a vanishing town is that of the mysterious Urkhammer, in the state of Iowa, in the United States. The small rural town was apparently in rather good shape and just as normal as any other mid-American town until around 1928, when some aerial photos emerged that appeared to show that there was perhaps simply no one living there, and that the fields looked overgrown and untended. Things took a turn for the decidedly weird when there was a report from a tourist passing through, who stopped at a gas station in the town to fill his tank, after which he learned that he had been ripped off and that there was no gasoline in there at all. He then angrily headed back to town, but reported that he could not reach it, as it seemed to forever remain in the distance no matter how fast he drove. Even when he ran out of gas and walked he could not reach the town, which was still sitting there maddeningly before him, forever out of his reach. Other people driving past the town began to report that the previously bustling town seemed to be abandoned and lifeless, and when some investigated they purportedly found rows and rows of houses sitting peacefully with no sign of the occupants. The story goes that this was indeed reported upon by several local newspapers, such as the the Clarion-Sun-Telegraph, but that these reports were drowned out by news of the impending stock market crash of 1929. Other reports of anomalies would come in from the town as well, such as people who seemed to have witnessed the town actually evaporating into thin air, as if being absorbed into some other dimension, with one such account concerning a group fleeing through the area during the dust bowl of 1932 and going to the town to retrieve supplies, the story which was written of on the Strange State website thus:

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