Well-suited for Safety: Astronaut Attire has “Take Me Home” Button

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Lost in space” – a scenario no astronaut wants to face. Thanks to new spacesuit engineering work, a patent has been filed for a self-return system to ensure space explorers are safe, even if no other astronaut can rescue them. This spacesuit comes with a “take me home” button. Self-return Kevin Duda, a space systems engineer at The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has studied astronauts and life on the International Space Station habitat. The self-return space suit system, Duda explains, had to be capable of determining a precise location in a harsh space environment where GPS is unavailable. It had to compute an optimal return trajectory that accounts for time, oxygen consumption, safety and clearance requirements, and it had to be able to guide a disoriented and possibly unconscious astronaut effectively to safety.

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