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What If Teleportation was Real?

The average American spends about 50 minutes a day, commuting to and from work. Over a year’s time, that’s more than 8 days spent away from loved ones and being productive. So we wondered, what if we could teleport? Teleporting, for the scientific set, is the theory of instantly transporting matter across distance and space. For the rest of us, it means no more lines of traffic, long trips to grandma’s house and a chance to see the world. Between science and science fiction, one of the most popular theories for teleporting, like we’ve seen in Star Trek, means scanning and copying the original matter, and creating a duplicate, somewhere else. But the problem with this human copy machine is that the process of duplicating the original, actually destroys it. “You think about what the process entails, at least in sci-fi form, it means pulling apart every atom in your body and putting it together somewhere else,” said Ben Buchler, Associate Professor of Physics at The Australian National University. “I can’t think of a physiological way of making that pain-free, even if it were physically possible.” Read more via Yahoo News.

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