What is Climate Change Anxiety?

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While there is every logical reason to be concerned about the impact of climate change, for some people so-called “climate change anxiety” can be a real mental health issue. But how do we deal with it? What is Climate Change Anxiety? Detractors might scoff at the notion of anxiety over climate change, but it isn’t simply a fear about rising global temperatures. Rather, it’s the effects that climate change may have that are the source of fear and dread for some. If you already live in a state where tornadoes are a seasonal reality, the promise of more frequent storms and more severe storms might not just give you pause for thought, but could start to keep you up at night. Similarly, if your livelihood depends on a good crop yield, worrying about rising temperatures, rising pest numbers and drought conditions, and what they could all add to your financial and emotional wellbeing, could take its toll. Another example might be if you suffer from asthma and are worried about what the rise in insulating gasses and air pollution might mean for yourself and for your children who are also likely to also suffer the condition. While it should be said there’s no formal diagnostic criteria, those examples demonstrate why so-called climate change anxiety is a recognized and possibly growing concern. via Care2 Causes.

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