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What we actually have to fear from killer robots

You’ve probably seen the latest Boston Dynamics video, which shows one of its recent quadruped creations, the SpotMini, opening a door despite being repeatedly accosted by a company employee. Boston Dynamics’ videos are notorious for eliciting both excitement and fear across social media and the internet. Nicholas King’s new parody of the Planet Earth documentary shows herds of SpotMinis taking over the planet. And the most recent season of Netflix’s Black Mirror features a murderous, highly autonomous SpotMini look-alike. So should we be concerned about killer robots taking over? My take: I don’t expect the robot uprising anytime soon, but there’s plenty for us to worry about here — as a society, a culture, and a species. The autonomous killer robots we imagine are so fearsome because (a) they’re autonomous, (b) they’re driven to kill, for some reason, and (c) they’re armed. Looking at these, in turn, allows us to isolate the true areas of concern and understand how we can work to head off our fears.

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