The White House Says Net Neutrality Laws Aren't Necessary. Say What?

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As the FCC prepares to finalize its net neutrality rules, the president has become increasingly aggressive in its posture about how the process should work. On Thursday, the White House pushed back at the new Republican-led Congress by saying that net neutrality laws wouldn't be necessary. It should be up to the FCC. "In terms of legislation, we don't believe it's necessary given that the FCC has the authorities that it needs under Title II," a White House official told Reuters. "However, we always remain open to working with anyone who shares the president's goal of fully preserving a free and open internet now and into the future." And, thankfully to everyone who loves a free and open internet, it sounds like the FCC is on board with the president's plan to reclassify the internet as a public utility under Title II. They've been open to this option for a while, actually. It's a good one—and not just because the alternative is so very, very bad. via Gizmodo.

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