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Whitley's Journal: The MJ-12 Documents and a Creepy Possibility

Heather Wade at Midnight in the Desert recently received from what she described as a trusted source a document that is allegedly an MJ-12 report on the Aztec UFO crash of 1947. While the document is stamped with classification notices, its release was probably not illegal as it is more than 30 years old and does not appear to discuss matters of national security importance as defined under the National Security Act. What it does discuss is this crash and an interview with an individual who was said to have lived through it, assumed to be an alien. While he or she isn’t described in detail, the individual speaks good English and even has a rather sardonic sense of humor.' I was told years ago an absurd story by a US Air Force retiree that the Roswell alien that was interviewed had only vestigial vocal chords, which had to be reconstructed by Air Force surgeons before he could talk. Now we have another alien from a nearby crash site, but this one can talk perfectly well. So, which story is true? Or, more aptly, is either story true? For a long time, the secret intelligence community has been planting fake UFO stories in order to cover up things like the crashes of secret aircraft. But that’s not the only sort of UFO story out there. Many of them are quite real. In other words, it’s quite a mess, and this new document only adds to it. It has been roundly debunked by some people as a load of nonsense, largely because of all the misspellings and the generally slapdash quality of the whole thing. But, as seems so often to be the case, there might be a grain of truth here.

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