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Why our sun’s solar maximum is one of the weakest

TORONTO – We take the sun for granted. Sure, when it’s cloudy for a few days, we may notice and say we miss it. But very few of us know just what the sun is doing. And it turns out what it’s doing, is slacking off. The sun has a cycle that is roughly 11 years. During that time it has a minimum and a maximum. During the minimum, the sun is low in magnetic activity, which means fewer sunspots. Conversely, at maximum many sunspots can dot the surface of the sun. Right now, astronomers believe that we have reached the maximum of solar cycle 24. Except, our maximum has seen very little activity. READ MORE: Is solar ‘lull’ affecting global temperatures? The reason for that? Another solar cycle. This one, a 100-year one. via Globalnews.ca.

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