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Wed May 9 - Dr. William F. Bengston - Healing Intention

William F. Bengston is a professor of statistics and research methods, and the President of the Society for Scientific Exploration, an international group of scientists and researchers who study anomalies. Dr. Bengston has been researching anomalous healing for over thirty five years, and has numerous publications in scientific journals. He has also lectured widely in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. His memoir, The Energy Cure, is published by Sounds True. Bill’s research has produced the first successful full cures of transplanted mammary cancer and methylcholanthrene induced sarcomas in mice by energy healing techniques that he helped to develop. He has also investigated assorted correlates to healing such as EEG and FMRI entrainment, and geomagnetic micropulsation anomalies in healing space. His current research focuses on the attempt to record and store healing in both biological and physical systems, and to be able to reproduce the healing effect without the healer. bengstonresearch.com scientificexploration.org scientificexploration.org/2018-conference

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